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The slab3d mailing list is a low-volume list primarily used for announcements.

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NASA Ames Advanced Controls and Displays Group - slab3d's birthplace.  slab3d is used in psychoacoustic research and human-computer interface design.

The Sonified Universe - A spatial sound composition by Romano Biasone that used slab3d.  Headphones recommended.

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Joel D. Miller
slab3d lead developer
jdmiller at sonisphere dot com

The original NASA "SLAB Home Page" was created January 12, 2001.  The first SLAB release was June 26, 2002.  The NASA page is now a simplified static version of the original home page and represents the state of SLAB at v5.8.1.  After v5.8.1, SLAB was renamed slab3d and the sonisphere home page was created to provide detailed and up-to-date information regarding the latest developments in slab3d.

Last Updated:  2015.01.24